Maple Syrup


There are many seasons in the life of the Black Powder Beagles. Fishing season, the different hunting seasons, snowshoeing, winter camping, canoeing, morels, blueberries, wild rice, and one of our favorites-maple syrup season. Early March thru early April finds us in the woods tapping sugar maples, splitting and stacking firewood, collecting and hauling sap, and putting in long hours of boiling the sap to produce our “liquid gold”.

Early Native Americans produced maple syrup and sugar using methods that have not really changed to this day, aside from more modern materials and improving efficiency with modern technology. They did, as we still do, bore a hole in the tree, collect the sap, and boil it down to the desired consistency.


There are many uses for maple syrup: aside from the obvious pancakes, waffles, and cornbread topping, try on top of ice cream, popcorn, breakfast granola, in oatmeal, milk, in tea, coffee, and as a sweetener in baking. Having a low glycemic index and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals makes it a healthier choice for diabetics and others alike. It’s made of tree sap and nothing else. Naturally organic, gluten free, vegan, free range, sustainable, all natural, with calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and others and full of great tasting simple carbs. What’s not to like.


For those in central MN our syrup is currently available locally in 8 ounce and 12 ounce bottles. Look for it at The Gathering Grounds at 200 Avon Avenue South in Avon, MN and just down the road at Watab Taxidermy at 31827 162nd Avenue, south of Avon.