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This is the page for the newly formed Black Powder Beagles Outdoor Club. The BPB Outdoor Club is just another facet of the original BPB. The BPB Outdoor Club was established not only to provide support for our annual Avon Hills Rendezvous, but also to provide a better avenue for paying BPB club members with information on upcoming BPB Outdoor Club events. Remember as BPB one of our missions is to educate the public about wildlife, the natural world and traditional methods and values, and to get people back outdoors and give them the opportunity to try new things, whether it be shooting a bow and arrow or a black powder gun, building a campfire, throwing a tomahawk, fishing, paddling a canoe, camping, snowshoeing, hunting, or even cooking with a Dutch oven. Or to get away from the pressures of modern living; disconnect, slowdown, go outdoors and get reacquainted with your past, nature, with your family, or God.

Think of the Black Powder Beagles Outdoor Club as being more family oriented, for those new to the outdoor lifestyle, and the Original Black Powder Beagles(founded some time ago) as the more “hardcore” group, those that are living by the BPB membership guidelines or are striving to do so.

Watch this page for Club News and more info in the near future as we rev up the club and get things going. And remember Aim small!


The Black Powder Beagles 8th Annual Rendezvous and Black Powder Shoot, October 4, 5, & 6, 2019. Check the Black Powder Shoot page for details.


Squirrel Hunting–rimfires and black powder guns TBD

Winter Gathering–outdoor fun, bonfire, fundraiser, food TBD

Snowshoe Outings– trekking through the powder, bonfire, exploring TBD

Ice Fishing Outing– panfish, trout TBD

1 thought on “Outdoor Club

  1. Mike and other BPB members –
    I hope you had a grand weekend. I would really appreciate the chance to participate in some of your other outings this coming year. Winter gathering, snowshoe and ice fishing… Sounds wonderful.

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